meredith bardwell

"I had the amazing opportunity to partner with TIME Ministries for a mission trip in Monterrey, Mexico. It was such a life changing experience, and it was extraordinary to see God working in the lives of people!

Daniel gonzalez

"They do great working and connecting with the local church and communities!"

jenna wilson

"I have been on two life changing trips. I went to bless others but haven’t met such generous people ended up blessing me."

Grethel Dodge

“Exciting, eventful, surprising and most rewarding to get to share in the blessings stored up for those who are faithful.”

david weyand

"Absolutely love my mission experience with TIME! You really get to serve and understand missions, as this isn’t just a tour but pure ministry!"

roseann rossi

”Love going to Monterrey, Mexico with TIME Ministries. The friends you make and ministry is soul fulfilling. The foods pretty good too!"