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The construction of small, portable churches, or “chapels,” is one of the signature construction projects at TIME MISISONS and your short-term mission trip in the Dominican Republic. In the late 1940’s while serving in the Dominican Republic, TIME founder, Zeral Brown, had a two-fold conundrum. He was graduating new pastors from a bible institute that needed physical buildings for their new churches. In addition, they needed to be mobile since the government owned most rural property and could ask the pastor to move the church at any time. Though not formally trained in construction, he came up with the idea of the portable chapel but wasn’t able to put it into practice until many years later.

By the early 1990’s, upon returning to the Dominican Republic, he had perfected the design, creating a structure that could be constructed and ready for a pastor in less than a week! Zeral’s hope was that anyone, from age 8 to 80 would be able to participate in the project on their short-term mission trip and use a series of templates to create modular panels. During the week, a group with the help of our TIME team, will prefabricate these panels at our TIME Center and near the end of the week assemble them to form a complete chapel in just a few hours. Can you imagine the feeling of being an answer to the prayers of a pastor and congregation that may have been waiting for several years for a church home? Since 1992, through with the help of groups,
TIME has constructed an estimated 400 chapels in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The best part is that there is STILL a waiting list! God continues to move national pastors to start churches and share the Gospel and we need YOUR help!