TIME MINISTRIES in Mexico is definitely in need of your prayers. And already God is answering! “He knows our need even before we ask.” Groups are again beginning to return to Mexico for ministry through Construction, Evangelism and discipleship.

BECAUSE YOU PRAYED! The missionaries in Mexico have been led to use the property that was for sale as the bases for our New TIME Center in that country. This will involve some modification and expansion. However, this will also enable the housing of the entire ministry, including dorms for both girls and boys, kitchen and dining rooms, plus plenty of space for construction projects, and recreation for the teams. Also an apartment is needed for a resident missionary to be on hand.

The need is vital.

We are trusting God, in response to much prayer, to provide the needed funds for this project. Already work has begun as the priority was to seal the present roof against leakage.

An estimate on materials and funds needed for construction, furnishings and appliances has been determined and is listed below. The 2016 season is rapidly approaching so the need is urgent.

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Above chart in thousands

Amount needed = $57,056.60

Amount raised = $29,400

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Tour 1: June 10 - June 18
Tour 2: June 19 - June 27
Tour 3: July 1- July 9
Tour 4: July 10- July 18
Tour 5: July 22 - July 30
Tour 6: July 31 - Aug 8

Our ministry operates year round. Dates outside the summer are available upon request.



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